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What are Non-Foliated Metamorphic Rocks?

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There are two distinctive classifications of metamorphic rocks. One is foliated, the opposite non-foliated. They aren’t at all times simple to inform aside, however sure key info beneath may also help you inform the distinction, in addition to perceive how they’re created and what makes them totally different. Our focus can be non-foliated rocks, nonetheless.

What are Non-Foliated Metamorphic Rocks?
Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock. Its appears to be like are clean, with no banding, even when there are veins.


The lengthy and wanting it (pun meant) is that metamorphic rocks are rocks that was totally different rocks. Due to immense strain or excessive warmth, different rocks (generally known as guardian rocks or protoliths) are became new forms of rocks. The chemical composition, look, and texture of the rocks change from these metamorphic environments.

Foliated metamorphic rocks are fashioned by this means of metamorphism, “squashing” the rocks into new rocks, urgent the minerals into elongated kinds, creating layers, bands, or “stripes” of minerals throughout the rocks.

Non-foliated metamorphic rocks comprise minerals that aren’t elongated throughout the course of and so usually shouldn’t have the looks of bands or stripes (although there are some exceptions).

To study extra about how these rocks are fashioned, take a look at our article going into larger element on the method. Or take a look at the article on what metamorphic rocks are if you wish to know extra about the entire rock sort.

Hornfels isolated on white background
Hornfels are one of many distinctive exceptions. It appears to be like banded however truly is non-foliated.


Mostly, non-foliated metamorphic rocks are fashioned round igneous intrusions the place immense warmth from magma or molten lava creates an setting for the method of metamorphism. The temperatures are exceptionally excessive, however the strain is decrease and equal in all instructions, which is why the minerals are usually not elongated like they’re in foliated metamorphic rocks. The minerals within the rocks are modified by means of recrystallization  into bigger sizes, but the atoms are extra densely packed, rising the density of the rocks, general.

Samples of soapstone in white, gray, and multi-colored (reddish) shades
Samples of soapstone in white, grey, and multi-colored (reddish) shades


There are numerous forms of metamorphic rocks, each foliated and non-foliated. A few of the mostly identified foliated rocks embody schist, gneiss, and slate.

There are numerous, probably extra generally identified, non-foliated rocks that the majority of us come into contact with frequently. Listed here are a number of.

  • Hornfels
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Soapstone
  • Greenstone
  • Eclogite
  • Serpentinite
  • Anthracite

Each foliated and non-foliated metamorphic rocks are used extensively in some ways for building, interiors, sculptures and different paintings, street mixture, paving, roofing tiles, and extra. The density and sturdiness are essentially the most generally thought of elements for a lot of the rocks, although carve-ability will influence different points like ornamental makes use of, sculpting, and paintings.

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