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The best way to Stretch Hamstrings – 4 Hamstring Stretches for Flexibility

DO YOU FEEL like your legs are too tight? If in case you have points reaching down to the touch your toes otherwise you really feel soreness, stiffness, or discomfort on the rear aspect of your decrease physique, tight hamstrings may be your downside.

Fortunately, it’s best to be capable of stretch your legs out and discover a repair to your downside by giving your hammies some further consideration to enhance your flexibility. You simply must know the appropriate actions to offer your decrease physique the main focus it must really feel unfastened and prepared for motion.

This straightforward train sequence from bodily therapist Sam Becourtney, PT, DPT, C.S.C.S. of Bespoke Therapies, is designed to assist this muscle group. Becourtney is joined by private coach Vaughn Grey, NASM-CPT, to reveal 4 stretches that may assist to loosen up your tight hamstrings and enhance your flexibility.

What Are Your Hamstring Muscle tissues

First, a quick primer on what your hamstrings are, precisely. “Your hamstring is this particular group of muscle tissues behind your thigh that serve two features: to increase the hip reaching backwards and in addition to bend the knee,” explains Becourtney. “It originates within the again deep behind that butt muscle, and it’s going to insert beneath the knee, which is why it has these two features primarily based on its attachment factors.”

These features signifies that your hamstrings are extraordinarily essential for all types of actions, from working and leaping to strolling and squatting. You employ the muscle tissues for many decrease physique workouts—so it is easy to take their features with no consideration.

Who Can Profit From Hamstring Stretches

The teams of people that would possibly need to try these stretches aren’t restricted to these with decrease physique tightness. Individuals with low again ache, specifically, can profit from hamstring stretches.

“The explanation for that’s as a result of hamstring tightness can restrict your capacity to bend ahead and type of current itself as low again ache, regardless that the supply is coming from that hamstring tightness,” says Becourtney. “Equally, anybody who has limitation bending ahead or would possibly want to try this for a part of their day-to-day operate, would profit from enhancing the mobility and suppleness of these hamstrings.”

Why You Ought to Stretch Your Hamstrings

Sure, there are particular populations that may profit extra from hamstring stretches—particularly, those that are already coping with tight hamstrings and low again ache—however hamstring flexibility is essential for everybody.

“The significance of these stretches and hamstring flexibility on the whole, is as a result of tightness there can current itself in a mess of how,” says Becourtney. “One being low again ache, as we spoke about, one being incapacity to bend ahead. So, it is actually essential to enhance that flexibility.” Together with addressing these points, improved hamstring flexibility can repay within the type of improved efficiency, which could be useful for everybody from athletes to on a regular basis people who need to really feel good once they transfer.

4 Hamstring Stretches to Enhance Flexibility

Hamstring Scoop

    You need to use this motion both earlier than or after a exercise, in keeping with Becourtney.

    The best way to Do It:

    • In a standing place, convey one foot in entrance of the opposite with the heel on the ground and the toes up.
    • Sit your butt again as you attain your fingers down, “scooping” the ground, then stand again up.
    • For those who’re doing this pre-workout, maintain for 2 to 3 seconds every time. Repeat 5 to 10 reps for a dynamic stretch.
    • For those who’re doing this transfer post-workout, maintain on the backside for 30 seconds, two to 3 occasions. The decrease you go, the extra you’ll really feel the hamstring stretch.

    Hamstring Flossing

    You may get on the ground for the subsequent motion. Once more, you are able to do this motion earlier than or after train.

    The best way to Do It:

    • Lie in your again and seize one thigh behind your knee with each fingers, making a 90-degree bend relative to your torso. Ensure that reverse leg is straight to extend the stretch.
    • Straighten your raised leg after which convey it again down. Repeat the motion intentionally. If you wish to improve the stretch on the high, level your toes down in the direction of your self for extra of an higher calf stretch there, suggests Becourtney.
    • For those who’re doing this stretch earlier than train as a dynamic motion, do three rounds of 5 to 10 reps, two to 3 seconds per set.
    • For those who’re doing it after train, maintain the place as you’re employed in your respiration, bringing your toes down and holding the static stretch for 30 seconds at a time for two-to-three rounds.

    Mendacity Hamstring Stretch with Towel

    For this train, seize a towel, belt, or yoga strap. “Something that is gonna be lengthy sufficient to achieve behind your foot,” says Becourtney.

    The best way to Do It:

    • Lie in your again with one knee bent in the direction of your chest and convey the towel or different implement behind that foot.
    • From this place, attempt to straighten out your leg. “Now he is utilizing his arms to tug down on that leg, growing the stretch he is feeling there,” notes Becourtney. “If you need push extra by way of the toes in the direction of his head, that may give him somewhat bit extra of that higher calf stretch.
    • If it is too intense on the decrease again or the hamstring bend the knee that’s prolonged straight on the ground since “that may take somewhat little bit of the strain off of that space,” in keeping with Becourtney.
    • Pre-workout, do that train for 10 seconds at a time for as much as six reps.
    • Submit-exercise, do an extended maintain of 30-to-45 seconds two to 3 occasions.

    Assisted Sitting Stretch

    You may preserve utilizing the pulling implement for this ultimate stretch, however you may sit up.

    • Get in lengthy sitting place on the ground (butt on the bottom, legs prolonged out in entrance of you) along with your chest upright and the towel or strap wrapped round one foot.
    • As you pull the foot below the towel or strap in the direction of you, lean your trunk ahead. “That is going to extend the stretch by way of that hamstring… due to the place it attaches behind the hip there,” says Becourtney.
    • Come again as much as your authentic place and repeat. (Like within the final transfer, if the stretch is simply too intense, bend the other knee to take some strain off of your decrease again.)
    • Earlier than train, get out and in of that place in two to 3 seconds a time for 10 reps.
    • Submit-workout maintain this place for 30 seconds, for 2 to 3 rounds, being certain to breathe deeply.

    Fairly fast routine, huh? Maintain doing these 4 hamstring stretches recurrently and also you’ll see improved flexibility in your hamstrings.

    If you wish to take these advantages even additional, Becourtney notes which you can comply with up a few of these stretches with loaded power coaching workouts. Romanian deadlifts with a kettlebell or dumbbell can reinforce that new vary of movement. That is going to assist create a extra lasting impact as you progress ahead, which can assist along with your capacity to achieve down, improved efficiency within the weight room and in sports activities, and an general lower in ache within the surrounding areas.

    For extra recommendation from bodily therapists that will help you transfer and really feel higher, try all of our guides in The Repair sequence.

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