September 21, 2023
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Elite Coach, Dave Rienzi, Reveals the Solely 5 Workout routines You Want

Ask anybody to place collectively a listing of their favorite movie star physiques and there’s an excellent probability that each Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill’s muscle-bound our bodies sit atop of it. However do you know that their superhero statures are the results of the work they put in with movie star coach and kinesiologist, Dave Rienzi?

Talking to Males’s Well being, Rienzi explains how he began working with Johnson in 2010. Again then, The Rock was searching for a coach who might additionally handle his accidents, sustained from years of taking part in soccer (oval not spherical) and competing in professional wrestling. Since then, he is additionally picked up Cavill as a consumer, and says whereas the pair have nice genetics, their dimension can be right down to onerous work.

“Genetics positively play a job,” says Rienzi, “but it surely’s additionally onerous work and self-discipline. I additionally suppose lots of people do not perceive the significance of diet, and the way if you wish to acquire muscle you’ll want to eat and you’ll want to eat persistently.

“I feel it is mixture of genetics, however sheer onerous work and the eagerness they put into it, and the prioritisation that they’ve in direction of their health objectives.”

Nonetheless, what is the level in coming to Males’s Well being if we won’t present a shortcut or two? We requested Rienzi for five workouts to prioritise above all others. So if he – and by extension Black Adam and Superman – might solely do 5 workouts for the remainder of their lives these are the strikes they’d select.

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Elite Coach, Dave Rienzi, Reveals the Solely 5 Workout routines You Want

(Barbell) Hip Thrusts


  • Lie together with your higher again resting on a bench and your ft flat on the ground in entrance of you.
  • Relaxation a barbell on the crease of your hips and lift your hips till your physique varieties a straight line out of your shoulders to your knees.
  • Maintain for a depend after which slowly return to the beginning place.

    Rienzi says: “It is simply such an efficient train at isolating the glutes. The glutes play such a key position in athletic efficiency, minimising the danger for damage and decreasing the danger of knee ache of decrease again ache. So I’d put the hip thrusts on the high of glute posterior chain workouts.”

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    • Stand upright together with your palms at your aspect, palms dealing with your physique. Lunge ahead so far as you possibly can together with your proper leg, bending your trailing knee so it virtually brushes the ground.
    • Use the heel of your proper foot to push your higher physique again to the beginning place. Repeat with the other leg.
    • You possibly can carry out this train holding dumbbells to make it tougher.

      Rienzi says: “For legs, I am an enormous fan of lunges. I like the unilateral motion. So I like the problem of it. It is an train the place you get a very nice deep stretch, and it actually isolates the legs very effectively. It is positively my favorite leg train and an train that I’ve discovered has gotten me essentially the most outcomes.”

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      Dumbbell Bench Press


      • Lie on a flat bench holding two dumbbells over your chest with an overhand grip.
      • Push up till your arms are straight, then decrease underneath management.

        Rienzi says: “For chest, I’ve to go along with a dumbbell bench press, a good-old, flat dumbbell bench press. I like the motion, and I like the soundness of it. Apparently sufficient, and you may see it in our Black Adam exercises, I love to do high-rep stuff with the flat benchpress. Doing 20 rep units of a average to reasonably heavy weight is extraordinarily difficult, and actually will get loads of blood pumping into the muscle.”

        tbar row

        T-Bar Rows


        • Load one aspect of a barbell with weight and safe the opposite finish in a nook of the health club.
        • Straddle the bar and grip it on the weighted finish. Pull the bar in direction of your chest, protecting your elbows tight to your physique and squeezing your shoulder blades collectively on the high.
        • Decrease to the beginning place and repeat.

          Rienzi says: “T-bar rows are considered one of my favourites. There’s simply one thing about that train; it actually, actually goal the lats and hits the lats onerous once you go up on the high and also you pause and maintain that peak contraction. You actually really feel the muscle groups working. It is only a nice general train to construct dimension on the lats.”

          lateral raises

          Dumbell Lateral Raises


          • Decide a few dumbbells and stand with them by your sides, palms dealing with your physique. Retaining your higher physique nonetheless – meaning no swinging – raise the dumbbells out to your aspect with a slight bend at your elbows.
          • Raise till your arms are parallel to the ground then slowly decrease to the beginning place.

            Rienzi says: “For shoulders, I like dumbbell aspect lateral raises. They actually get that cap of the shoulder effectively. I do loads of methods with that the place I alternate them from a static maintain, so that you’re actually maximising the stress on the aspect deltoid. It is also a really loopy burn when carried out correctly.”

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