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A High Coach Shared His Most Efficient 100-Rep Leg Day Exercise

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In a current video on the Athlean-X channel, power coach Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. breaks down the “handiest” exercise he makes use of on leg day to mild up the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, primarily based on the precept that it is the final handful of reps you carry out in every train which have probably the most impression.

To begin, choose the load the place you’d normally attain failure within the 8-rep vary, and use that to carry out an “ignition set.” Then, after a quick remainder of simply 15 seconds, the actual work begins.

“It is on this ignition set that you will probably be reminded of simply how simple these first few repetitions are… however they serve a vital level on this exercise,” Cavaliere explains. “They are going to set the stage for these extra stimulus-inducing, growth-inducing repetitions that may come after this level… That ignition set solely served to pre-fatigue the muscle tissue, to prime them for what occurs subsequent.”

Beginning with the dumbbell Bulgarian cut up squat, Cavaliere demonstrates the ignition set and 15-second relaxation, then launches into 15 “efficient reps. (The ignition set of 8 reps and 15 efficient reps should every be accomplished on each legs.) The important thing right here is to carry out each rep to good kind, and you may relaxation/pause as many instances as you want to be able to attain that objective—so long as you retain every break to only 15 seconds.

Switching to the posterior chain with the barbell RDL, Cavaliere ups the ignition set to 12 reps, after which 20 efficient reps after the temporary relaxation. Then he goes again to the anterior chain with alternating reverse lunges, utilizing dumbbells so he can extra simply set them down when he hits failure. As soon as once more, the ignition objective right here is 8, adopted by 15 efficient reps. (When performing this train, he advises stepping outwards in addition to backwards that will help you preserve your stability.)

The ignition set and efficient reps return as much as 12 and 20 for the cable pull-through, the place the cable and cord assist you to to naturally transfer your physique into the best place through the hinge.

To hit up the quads in a manner few different workout routines handle, Cavaliere makes use of the Spanish squat, a banded train, and provides a pair of dumbbells for additional problem, performing an ignition set of 8 and 15 further reps. “This can be a manner of doing resisted leg extension in a closed chain trend,” he says. “These are going to burn you up like by no means earlier than.”

Lastly, he rounds out the exercise with seated calf raises, once more with dumbbells, performing 8 ignition reps and 15 efficient reps.

Here is the exercise in full, coming to a complete of 100 efficient reps:

  • Dumbbell Bulgarian cut up squats, 8 ignition reps and 15 efficient reps on every leg
  • Barbell Romanian Deadlifts, 12 ignition reps and 20 efficient reps
  • Dumbbell alternating reverse lunges, 8 ignition reps, 15 reps on every leg
  • Cable pull-throughs, 12 ignition reps, 20 efficient reps
  • Dumbbell Spanish squats, 8 ignition reps, 15 reps
  • Dumbbell seated calf raises, 8 ignition reps, 15 reps
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