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A Bodybuilding Coach Shared His 10 Most ‘Underrated’ Workout routines

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Bodybuilding coach Eugene Teo frequently shares recommendation on easy methods to safely construct power and muscle whereas avoiding damage, and in a current video on his channel he breaks down what he feels to be a number of the most “underrated” workouts that it is best to attempt incorporating into your subsequent exercise. These embody workouts that individuals do not prioritize or just do not do in any respect, in addition to some completely different variations on extra widespread actions.

Underhand grip bench press

“Other than feeling somewhat bit unusual at first by means of the fingers and the wrists, the actual cause why we do that is to create a narrower elbow path,” explains Teo. “Anatomically, this is likely to be a greater place to your chest muscle groups to have higher leverage over your arm… What this implies is your chest muscle groups can get a greater stretch and work extra successfully.”

Excessive cable row

Teo recommends this train particularly for the way in which it strains up your again muscle groups compared to a standard cable row. “Most individuals consider both vertical or horizontal pulling, however I consider diagonal pulls are extraordinarily underrated,” he says.

Copenhagen plank

Usually used as an activation or rehab train, this targets the adductors, which are sometimes an neglected muscle group in lower-body exercises, however play an essential supporting position in strikes just like the deadlift. Teo favors this plank variation as it may be completed both as a static or dynamic train.

Leg press

“Whereas most individuals in all probability are doing leg presses, I feel they get pushed apart loads totally free weight workouts like barbell squats,” says Teo. “Leg presses are some of the priceless methods to realize a variety of decrease physique power and to push your legs to utterly completely different limits than you’ll be able to in all probability ever obtain with squats.”

Rope pulldown

Pulldowns are a reasonably widespread train, however it’s the rope element right here that Teo believes is an actual game-changer. “It permits you to customise your grip and discover extra snug positions than a set bar might present,” he says, “and permits you to create this outwards power as you pull down… this can assist coordinate arm and higher again muscle groups to work collectively.”

Cut up squat

Once more, the cut up squat might be already part of your leg day routine, however it’s extra continuously used as an adjunct train than as one of many “meat and potato” actions. However as Teo factors out, there are distinctive advantages to the cut up squat, akin to the way it challenges your rotation on the hip, forcing you to to coach for stablity and mobility in addition to power.


“The hyperextension actually is only a stiff-legged deadlift that is been rotated forwards 45 levels or so,” says Teo. “This implies it may be categorized with the identical precedence you may give a deadlift, and actually hammer your posterior chain.”

Susceptible Y increase

“One additional problem right here is to not simply do them on an incline or standing upright, however laying flat or as near flat as doable. This may actually problem the higher again and shoulder muscle groups of their totally shortened place, which is notoriously very weak and undertrained,” says Teo, who recommends utilizing lighter weights for this one.


Certain, it is a staple body weight train, however Teo consists of it on this record as a result of he believes it has one distinctive profit over different actions: it offers you extra freedom on the shoulderblades to work the serratus anterior, which is essential for shoulder operate and mobility.

Useless cling

“This can be a tremendous easy and accessible method to introduce some loaded stretching for the shoulders and again muscle groups into your exercises,” says Teo. “You’ll be able to work with completely different quantities of help or development, and even add weight. You should use it for grip power or flexibility coaching with the usage of straps, and these are merely considered one of my absolute favourite methods to each begin and end a exercise to get me feeling good and unfastened.”

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